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  • Zhongshan yongfa paper co. LTD

    Zhongshan yongfa paper co. LTD

    Project background:Zhongshan yongfa paper co., LTD applies self-cleaning filter, paper mill water filtration accuracy requirements are high, the general filtration accuracy is: 100 -- 200 micron, the end of duiling filter for the company to choose a 120 micron wedge filter.

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  • Surabaya paper Indonesia

    Surabaya paper Indonesia

    Project background:Surabaya paper industry in Indonesia learned from domestic well-known foreign trade enterprises that duoling filtration has decades of technology and experience in the white water filtration scheme in the paper industry.After the technical communication between the two parties on the system flow and the field situation of white water quality, several sets of duoling self-cleaning filters were selected to filter the raw water in the papermaking process and produce a certain amount of white water.

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  • Danone group

    Danone group

    Project background:This self-cleaning filter system scheme has been successfully applied in danone group's ice-water recycling system. The self-cleaning filter not only ensures the continuity, stability and accuracy of the water-supply system, but also achieves the goals of water saving, energy saving and environmental protection.

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  • Jiangsu zhenjiang wanqingliangtian irrigation project

    Jiangsu zhenjiang wanqingliangtian irrigation project

    Project background:In response to the specific technical requirements of the project, the relevant technicians recommended to the customer a series of DLD self-cleaning filters widely applicable to agricultural irrigation, which provided a new concept of economic and high efficiency for the filtration of agricultural irrigation water.

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  • Qinghai xining water conservancy bureau agricultural irrigation project

    Qinghai xining water conservancy bureau agricultural irrigation project

    Project background:CDFS filtration system includes centrifugal filters, self-cleaning filters, laminated filters and other filtration equipment that can filter water from rivers, canals, lakes, ditches, and Wells for use in any irrigation system, including sprinkler, drip, and micro-irrigation systems.

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  • Capital airport terminal 3

    Capital airport terminal 3

    Project background:CDFS products appear in the capital airport, through the fierce competition, our company's self-cleaning filter successfully won the bid for the capital airport expansion project terminal 3 project, domestic water treatment equipment shake hands with the international airport, which means that the foreign brand exclusive international airport water treatment equipment situation will be changed.

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  • Hunan swimming and diving center

    Hunan swimming and diving center

    Project background:In the bidding of Hunan swimming and diving self-cleaning filter and multi-function electronic cleaner project, duoling stood out, will serve the whole venue circulating water system filtration and water treatment task, the company's product quality and brand has been recognized again.

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  • Shanghai sun island international club co. LTD

    Shanghai sun island international club co. LTD

    Project background:This time, sun island international club co., LTD., for its subsidiary nanjing yuanli real estate co., LTD., purchased duiling DLD electric brush FY series self-cleaning filters to solve the problem of scaling and improving the water circulation system of air conditioning and the growth of fine bacteria.

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