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Surabaya paper Indonesia

Project background:

Surabaya is one of Indonesia's largest cities and the origin of Asian pulp and paper (APP), one of the global pulp and paper manufacturers.Pulp and paper industry is dominated by Asian pulp and paper (APP). APP is now one of the world's top ten paper industries, with total assets of us $10 billion.With the support of strong paper companies, the paper industry in surabaya is booming.

Project requirements:

With the development of the paper industry in surabaya, a number of significant negative issues began to follow.Part of the pulp in the production process with the outflow of white water resulting in the waste of raw materials, and so the cost of paper and the discharge of waste water pollution to the environment, making surabaya paper industry in the search for a way to save energy and environmental protection is particularly important!

Application scheme:

Through many efforts, surabaya paper industry in Indonesia learned from domestic well-known foreign trade enterprises that duoling filtration has decades of technology and experience in the white water filtration scheme in the paper industry.After the technical communication between the two parties on the system flow and the field situation of white water quality, several sets of duoling self-cleaning filters were selected to filter the raw water in the papermaking process and produce a certain amount of white water.On the one hand, through the brush filter to filter the raw water, removed from the groundwater contains fish, shrimp, shells, sand, etc. for the operation of paper equipment to provide a guarantee.On the other hand, through the automatic filter to filter the white water, the white water filter of the pulp back to the papermaking process as raw material.

This international cooperation with surabaya paper industry in Indonesia demonstrates the power of duoling filter in energy saving and environmental protection!At the same time also look forward to serving more domestic and foreign enterprises!

The article label 过滤器 泗水纸业 多灵过滤 自清洗过滤器
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