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Dawning Environmental Protection(CDFS-Dawning Filter System), a leading provider of comprehensive water filtration and treatment solutions, has been at the forefront of innovation in the water treatment industry since its inception in 2002. As a private enterprise with nearly a hundred employees, including a technical team of 30 professionals, Dawning has expanded its reach to over 30 countries and regions, offering competitive, safe, and reliable products, solutions, and services across various sectors including industrial, agricultural, municipal, and building fields.

The Founding Story: Founded by visionary leaders, Peng Weixing and Jiang Hao, Dawning Environmental Protection embarked on a mission to revolutionize the water treatment industry. With a shared passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, they established the company with a clear vision: to become a world-class leader in the filtration system industry, continuously meeting customer needs.

Peng Weixing, serving as the Chairman, has been instrumental in steering the company towards technological and production excellence. Under his leadership, Dawning has achieved remarkable milestones, including the successful application of the first patent certification in 2003 and the establishment of Dawning's first subsidiary, Dawning Filtration Systems, in 2010. Jiang Hao, the General Manager, has played a pivotal role in managing market operations and product development. His dedication to societal contributions and industry advancements led him to join various associations, including the Hunan Environmental Protection Industry Association and the Hunan Environmental Governance Industry Association, further solidifying Dawning's position in the industry.

Our Evolution: Dawning's journey has been marked by continuous innovation and growth. In 2014, "Dawning Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd." was renamed "Changsha Dawning Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.", reflecting our broader commitment to environmental protection. In 2016, we were listed on the Hunan Stock Exchange, and in 2018, we established our presence in the Miluo Science and Technology Industrial Park in Changsha High-tech Industrial Development Zone. Our Team and Culture: At Dawning, we pride ourselves on our united, harmonious, and vibrant team, working seamlessly together to achieve common goals. Our corporate culture is rooted in social responsibility, with a focus on providing innovative filtration solutions that minimize the addition of chemical products and reduce water and energy consumption. Our mission, "Transformation through Filtration," is supported by our core values of openness, integrity, efficiency, and responsibility, driving us to excel in all that we do.

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