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Shanghai sun island international club co. LTD


Customer profile:

Shanghai sun island international club co., LTD. (referred to as sun island) is located in the back garden of Shanghai -- zhujiajiao ancient town, qingpu district, in the upper reaches of huangpu river, in the maohe river, 45 kilometers from the center of the city, only 40 minutes away along the shanghai-qingping highway.

In 1997, it was rated as one of the top ten tourist attractions in Shanghai by Shanghai construction committee.

Interval International rated the resort in 1997.

In 2002, it was rated as a 4A tourist attraction by the national tourism administration.

Nanjing yuanli real estate co., LTD is a group subsidiary of sun island international club co., LTD, mainly engaged in infrastructure development, real estate development, construction, operation and property management.

Application requirements:

This time, sun island international club co., LTD., for its subsidiary nanjing yuanli real estate co., LTD., purchased duiling DLD electric brush FY series self-cleaning filters to solve the problem of scaling and improving the water circulation system of air conditioning and the growth of fine bacteria.

Application scheme:

In order to achieve the best filtering effect, and at the same time limit to meet the requirements of customers to save water, electricity, and labor.

The following factors are considered in filter selection

(1) treated water quantity (customer requirement: 400 m3/h)

(2) pipeline pressure of the system (customer requirements: ≤ 1.6mpa)

(3) filtering accuracy required by the user (customer requirement: 50 cm)

(4) related physical and chemical properties of filter media (customer requirements: no special requirements)

According to the user's demand design, production shell material: carbon steel;

Filter and cleaning system: stainless steel 304;

The flow reached 490 m3/h;

Pipeline pressure 1.6mpa;

The electric brush FY series self-cleaning filter with filtration accuracy up to 50 m solves impurities and solid suspended matter in the water system, removes the breeding ground of fine bacteria, and provides the production system with water quality in line with the process requirements to ensure the normal operation of the water system.

(1) product features:

1. Y structure is adopted to reduce the water head loss to a low level without affecting the operation of the original system.

2. Large output power of single generator ensures the processing effect.

3, automatic filtration of iron, manganese ions, sediment, suspended solids and other impurities in water, effectively reduce the color of water, turbidity.

4. The filter body is stainless steel net structure with variable diameter, small head loss, high filtration efficiency, corrosion resistance, long service life, no need to replace, to ensure more than 10 years of service life.

5. It is unnecessary to set backwashing equipment such as water tank and water pump, and the system pressure itself can meet the requirements of backwashing sewage, and the backwashing time is short (not more than one minute), and the filter reactivation time is short, which can be used repeatedly.

(2) specific implementation plan:

The program flow chart is as follows:


Application summary:

Through the cooperation with Shanghai sun island international club co., LTD., changsha duoling provides integrated solutions for sun island, laying a solid foundation for the implementation of further business expansion.

In the future, through the joint efforts of both sides, it is hoped that the advantages of changsha duoling can be fully mobilized in the enterprise, bringing more opportunities, challenges and economic benefits to duoling.

Facing the dual test of market and technology, the core value of sustainable development for changsha duoling lies in accelerating the application, keeping pace with the transformation and development of manufacturing industry, finding the correct positioning according to the diversified needs of customers, and finally transforming the needs of customers into product functions.

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