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Safe drinking water project of ma shan water plant in neixiang county

Project background:

Neixiang masan water plant is located in the city of henan province nanyang, mashan town with a population of fifty thousand contains a lot of township and village enterprises have textile, printing and dyeing, hardware, machinery, brewing, food processing, building materials, plastic chemicals, heating and power generation industries, with the development of the industry, the town's water pollution problem is increasingly serious, water facing the water problems need to solve.

Project requirements:

Filter solid suspended substances and impurities in raw water quality of water plant.

Application scheme:

The person in charge of the company through the introduction of our old customers to understand the duoling filtration, through the investigation of the field water quality, water pressure and other technical parameters to determine the technical communication with my company finally chose the duoling mesh self-cleaning filter.

The filter is driven by the motor to clean the filter screen of the self-cleaning filter. Impurities intercepted by the filter screen are discharged from the sewage valve. During cleaning, the system will not break the flow.

The control mode is optional differential pressure, time, manual and PLC control.

The equipment has the advantages of easy installation, short backwashing time, simple operation and so on, can effectively remove impurities in water to ensure the quality of water.

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