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  • Sand filtration for cooling tower side filtration

    Sand filtration for cooling tower side filtration

    Project background:sand media filter, multimedia filter, cooling tower water treatment, side filtration,

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  • Automatic self cleaning filter for cooling tower water treatment

    Automatic self cleaning filter for cooling tower water treatment

    Project background:self cleaning filter, automatic self cleaning filter, cooling tower, power plant water treatment

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  • Zhongshan yongfa paper co. LTD

    Zhongshan yongfa paper co. LTD

    Project background:Zhongshan yongfa paper co., LTD applies self-cleaning filter, paper mill water filtration accuracy requirements are high, the general filtration accuracy is: 100 -- 200 micron, the end of duiling filter for the company to choose a 120 micron wedge filter.

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  • Guangdong dongguan hengwei paper co. LTD

    Guangdong dongguan hengwei paper co. LTD

    Project background:Heng wei paper at the beginning of this year from multiple spirit into the same type of filter is applied to the water, for water liquid properties and composition, spirit in the filter design can improve the precision requirement, at present, this batch of filter has been applied to heng wei run, including the introduction of high-tech technology, cost savings, the economic benefits of, make constant wei and spirit have the further cooperation.

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  • Surabaya paper Indonesia

    Surabaya paper Indonesia

    Project background:Surabaya paper industry in Indonesia learned from domestic well-known foreign trade enterprises that duoling filtration has decades of technology and experience in the white water filtration scheme in the paper industry.After the technical communication between the two parties on the system flow and the field situation of white water quality, several sets of duoling self-cleaning filters were selected to filter the raw water in the papermaking process and produce a certain amount of white water.

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  • Sun Flower

    Sun Flower

    Project background:CDFS filter stack filter is developed for scaling filtration in various circulating water systems.The sunflower pharmaceutical water system need to deal with the big problem, after the two sides communicate technical personnel according to the site situation, confirm the good design drawings and parameters, choose several machines laminated filter and electronic descaling system put into use, achieve scale removal, antiscale, kill bacteria algae removal and the effect of ultrafiltration, for the operation of the water system to provide a stable environment.

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  • Danone group

    Danone group

    Project background:This self-cleaning filter system scheme has been successfully applied in danone group's ice-water recycling system. The self-cleaning filter not only ensures the continuity, stability and accuracy of the water-supply system, but also achieves the goals of water saving, energy saving and environmental protection.

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  • Qingdao beer water filtration project

    Qingdao beer water filtration project

    Project background:Disc filter has the effect of surface intercept and condensed, greatly improves the filtering effect, make the removal of suspended solids content above ninety percent, the project selection of stainless steel pipe disc filter properly solved the tsingtao brewery water circulation project, good spirit has played a more filters in the effect of energy-saving, environmental protection career!!

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