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Zhongshan yongfa paper co. LTD


Customer profile:

Zhongshan yongfa paper co., LTD., a subsidiary of zhengye group, mainly produces high-strength corrugated paper with an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons.The products sell well in guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, with annual sales of more than 20 million yuan.

Zhongshan yongfa paper co., LTD is one of the largest corrugated production bases in China.Production of wall paper, corrugated paper;And their own thermal power plants.

Zhongshan yongfa paper co., LTD., in the development of the same time, attaches great importance to environmental protection, clean production, constantly reduce the consumption of water and electricity per unit product, efforts to build an environmental protection enterprise, the company in the 06-08 consecutive "environmental integrity enterprise" title.

Application requirements:

The sewage treatment process is generally: sewage -- grille and screen filtration -- sedimentation tank -- stabilization tank (active sludge process) -- chemical precipitation -- filtration -- detoxication -- discharge to the standard water quality.

Zhongshan yongfa paper co., LTD., this purchase of self-cleaning filter, is used for "filtering" this process.To make paper wastewater discharge standards, reduce environmental pollution.

Application scheme:

According to the water quality characteristics and process conditions of the company, and by referring to the water treatment experience of other paper companies and other related sewage treatment plants of our company, we have selected an economic and reasonable water treatment and filtration scheme for the company's sewage treatment system, and adopted duoling FL stainless steel self-cleaning filter equipment.

FL stainless steel self-cleaning filters are designed and manufactured to work in corrosive environments or media.It has continuous work, stable performance, low maintenance rate, strong corrosion resistance, easy to operate, easy to maintain and other advantages.It can effectively solve the paper mill industrial sewage filtration treatment.

Paper mill water filtration accuracy requirements are high, the general filtration accuracy is: 100 m - 200 m, duoling for the company filter selection of 120 micron wedge filter.




Application summary:

Hunan duoling filter system science and technology co., LTD. Is a company aiming at controlling environmental pollution and improving the environment, mainly engaged in designing and manufacturing special environmental protection equipment and introducing and popularizing advanced environmental protection applicable technology at home and abroad.And set environmental treatment equipment research and development, technology, production, sales, technical consulting services in one company.

This cooperation with zhongshan yongfa paper mill is very pleasant. The enterprise is very satisfied with the products and services of duoling.

After three months of test operation of the equipment, the feedback shows that the equipment runs well and the water quality reaches the standard.The effect is up to the expected standard.

The article label 过滤器 中山永发纸业 自清洗过滤器 多灵过滤 不锈钢自清洗过滤器
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