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Qingdao beer water filtration project

Project background:

Tsingtao beer co., LTD. (tsingtao) was founded in August 1903 by German and British businessmen as a joint venture in tsingtao.In the late 1990s, tsingtao beer had more than 50 beer production bases in 19 provinces, cities and autonomous regions of China by means of merger and reorganization, bankruptcy and acquisition, joint venture and factory construction and other capital operation methods, and basically completed its national strategic layout.

Project requirements:

Beer companies are big users of water, especially brewing.Canning process requires a lot of use of fresh water, main sources of law include malt beer wastewater preparation stage of wheat wheat water encroachment, wort preparation process for the cooling water tank water, wort filtration, hair leaven the scrubbing water tank, washing bottle waste water, sewage, etc., how to properly deal with the waste water, and become the tsingtao brewery and more spiritual environment of filtering technology cooperation opportunity!

Application scheme:

Beer wastewater contains a large number of suspended organic pollutants, which should be treated before entering the biological oxidation tank.The primary treatment mainly USES automatic lamination filter to filter.More spirit laminated filter USES the fold type filter core, a set of two sides results, with grooves on the groove edge formed the intersection of solid intercept, can put the water at the same time have the function of the surface intercept and condensed, greatly improves the filtering effect, make the removal of suspended solids content above ninety percent, the project selection of stainless steel pipe disc filter properly solved the tsingtao brewery water circulation project, good spirit has played a more filters in the effect of energy-saving, environmental protection career!

The article label 过滤器 叠片过滤器 多灵过滤 青岛啤酒
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