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Jiangsu zhenjiang wanqingliangtian irrigation project

Project profile:

Zhenjiang new area is one of the first areas in jiangsu province to be approved to implement the project.The total construction area of wanqingliangtian project in zhenjiang new area is 55,900 mu, involving 18 administrative villages in one street of three towns and 4 project areas. The project period is 3 years and implemented in two phases.After the project, through to the land for residential areas and independent industrial and mining arrange, can increase 8277 mu of farmland, based on agricultural land and unused land consolidation, can increase the arable land, 4491 mu, built large area high standard farmland, promote from the decentralized management to scale operation in agriculture, transforming traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, high efficiency agriculture.

Customer requirements:

Specially suitable for agricultural irrigation micro-irrigation, drip irrigation filter to remove suspended matter in irrigation water, to prevent the drip head (micro nozzle) blocking.

Product practical application introduction:

In response to the specific technical requirements of the project, the relevant technicians recommended to the customer a series of DLD self-cleaning filters widely applicable to agricultural irrigation, which provided a new concept of economic and high efficiency for the filtration of agricultural irrigation water.According to the set pressure difference or time range within the line automatic filtration, automatic cleaning, automatic sewage.High efficiency, convenient removal of suspended particles in agricultural irrigation water to prevent blockage, really realize safe and convenient irrigation!In addition, the DLD series of self-cleaning filters can also be used to filter rivers, canals, lakes, ditches and Wells in any irrigation system.

The article label 过滤器 镇江新区 多灵过滤 自清洗过滤器
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