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Guangdong dongguan hengwei paper co. LTD

Customer profile:

Dongguan hengwei paper co., ltd. is located in daisha industrial zone, daojiao town, dongguan city, guangdong province.

The company has two 4300 long net multi-cylinder paper machine, designed speed reached 350 meters/min, the production of ordinary corrugated paper and high strength corrugated paper, equipped with steam turbine power generation, the annual output of 100,000 tons.

Application requirements:

The paper industry is a big user of water, and water consumption accounts for a large part of the cost.At the same time, in the production process, part of the pulp with white water outflow caused the waste of raw materials, at the same time, direct discharge can also bring pollution to the environment, in order to solve the environmental protection problem, the sewage has to be very expensive recycling treatment.These two problems have become the paper industry low energy consumption block.How to solve these two big problems, after many years of research, the major paper manufacturers in the design of some foreign paper industry, summed up the application of self-cleaning filtration in the paper production process of raw water filtration and white water filtration.

Application scheme:

The main application of self-cleaning filter in paper mill is in two aspects: the first is the raw water filtration, after extracting or quoting the river, groundwater filtration, into the paper link.Second, white water filtration, the papermaking process will produce a certain amount of white water, this part of the water after filtering the pulp in white water back to the papermaking process as raw material.

See the following figure for the raw water filtration scheme:





Application experience:

Based on the application experience of self-cleaning filter in paper industry, dld-fl self-cleaning filter has been successfully applied in the raw water filtration system of dongguan hengwei paper company.In the successful application of save after most of the costs, constant white paper at the beginning of this year from multiple spirit into the same type of filter is applied to the water, for water liquid properties and composition, spirit in the filter design can improve the precision requirement, at present, this batch of filter has been applied to heng wei run, including the introduction of high-tech technology, cost savings, the economic benefits of, make constant wei and spirit have the further cooperation.

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