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Sun Flower

Project background:

Sunflower pharmaceutical group is a national large pharmaceutical enterprise group, has 14 companies, the proprietary Chinese medicine industry, the pharmaceutical group, formerly known as heilongjiang sunflower pharmaceutical co., LTD., after years of development, has become famous in the country's well-known pharmaceutical industry brand, "sunflower" brand more countries have been recognized as the "China brand", has received the masses of the people at the same time friends widely recognized, in the mind have high visibility.

Project requirements:

Sunflower pharmaceutical group (chongqing) has a powerful pharmaceutical pure water circulation system, and the circulating water system is prone to corrosion, scaling and the growth of bacteria, algae microorganisms and other problems, which need to seek water treatment equipment for technical treatment to ensure the normal operation of the water system.

Application scheme:

The duoling filter stack filter is developed for scaling filtration in various circulating water systems.The sunflower pharmaceutical water system need to deal with the big problem, after the two sides communicate technical personnel according to the site situation, confirm the good design drawings and parameters, choose several machines laminated filter and electronic descaling system put into use, achieve scale removal, antiscale, kill bacteria algae removal and the effect of ultrafiltration, for the operation of the water system to provide a stable environment.

The article label 过滤器 葵花药业 多灵过滤 叠片过滤器
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