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China power investment shanxi aluminum

Project background:

China power investment shanxi aluminum co., LTD mainly produces alumina, China's one, the world two series alumina production line companies, is one of the top 30 industrial enterprises in Shanxi Province.

The company consists of 15 management departments, 10 production units and 3 service/auxiliary units.

By the end of March 2013, the company had total assets of 13.206 billion yuan and 2,060 employees.

Project requirements:

The company has more than 2,000 employees, large daily production and domestic water consumption, and the corresponding generated sewage volume is also increasing day by day. How to effectively use the domestic sewage and thus turn it into production water is a problem that the company urgently needs to solve.

Application scheme:

Through the understanding of the situation water quality, the sewage reuse project prophase protection with much spirit of shallow medium filter to filter, is composed of four standard of the filter unit, water flow through the internal water distribution and collection of water, quartz sand medium do packing, to remove particles and reduce the effectiveness of turbidity, for the whole life sewage reuse project prophase protection filter effect, for the stability of the water system has run provide a reliable guarantee.

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