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Cairns nanomaterials co. LTD

Project background:

Cairns nanometer materials co., LTD. Is a large modern super fine and nanometer calcium carbonate production enterprise invested and built by Hong Kong lardy co., LTD.

The factory is located in xintang industrial park, lianzhou city, guangdong province, covering an area of more than 300 mu, the company now has a modern production line of calcium carbonate, the main production and management of super fine heavy calcium carbonate series products, light calcium carbonate, and nano live calcium carbonate products.

Project requirements:

The water treatment system of the company's nanamei calcium carbonate phase ii project needs to remove suspended solids in the water of the coagulant sedimentation tank, improve the service life of the ceramic membrane filter and ensure the water quality of the circulating cooling water is stable, so as to ensure the stable operation of the whole system.

Application scheme:

Through the bidding competition with other environmental protection companies, eventually cairns nanmi materials co., ltd. chose duoling water treatment system for its calcium carbonate phase ii project water treatment system system technical maintenance.

Once the project site is known, the technical staff of duoling will form a project team to conduct production tracking to complete the whole system production solution: the duoling filtration system will be used to remove suspended matter in the water and the water in the coagulation and precipitation pool, so as to ensure the normal operation of the later equipment;

The dosing device is used to ensure the stable operation of circulating cooling water quality.

The whole project lasts for several months, all the water treatment equipment has been factory tested, one after another truck hao tang, carrying the responsibility of the spirit of the environment, rushed to the site!

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