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Nuclear in 404

Project background:

Zhongnen404 is located in the great gobi, the beautiful jiayuguan pass.

It's a company that deals with nuclear waste, spent fuel.

Project requirements:

In the water supply and drainage system of nuclear waste, it is necessary to remove the solid suspended substances and impurities contained in the water.

Application scheme:

As the water filtration system supplier of China national nuclear corporation, duoling filtration carries out many checks on product production and testing as usual.

According to the specific situation of this project, we choose the stainless steel self-cleaning filter with mesh surface filtration, online intelligent cleaning, various cleaning forms and strong corrosion resistance to capture.

Duoling stainless steel self-cleaning filter is an automatic filter that USES the motor to drive the cleaning in the filter screen to trap impurities and then discharge them from the sewage outlet.

In view of the water quality on site, the corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel is selected.

Now the product is going through the packaging procedure of factory inspection, and will be shipped to the destination for production and use soon. We will help customers solve the water system problems as soon as possible to ensure the smooth operation of the water system!

The article label Filter Nuclear 404 polychrome self - cleaning filter
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