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Shenzhen BYD


Customer profile:

Byd auto shenzhen modernization production base is located in longgang pingshan, shenzhen. The first-phase production base covers an area equivalent to 260 football fields. The total investment is expected to reach 4.3 billion yuan.

In 2010, byd started to build a modern production base, which is two r&d centers and a larger production base.

For a long time, byd has been leading the sales market of middle and high grade self-owned brand cars with its young and fashionable, powerful power, fine and beautiful manufacturing process inside and outside, rich configuration, high cost performance and low carbon environmental protection.

The enterprise develops rapidly.

Application requirements:

The welding water filtration in the car frame factory of byd automobile production base can realize the secondary reuse of industrial welding water and realize environmental friendliness and resource saving.

Improve the utilization rate of industrial circulating water.

During the welding of automobile frames, some large and heavy particles may exist in the welding water. These particles include metal, resin and rosin that are involved.

The first stage of welding water treatment is filtering, using a filter screen to filter the size of the water particles and suspended solids.

Application scheme:

Through the communication with the related equipment purchasing personnel of byd company, I got to know the requirements on site and the standards that the customer wants to meet.

Duoling technical personnel, determine the enterprise energy saving and consumption to provide a good filtering program.

Duoling has selected self-cleaning filter equipment for customers, which can solve impurities and solids suspended in the welding water system in industrial production, such as metal, resin, rosin and so on that are involved in welding.

Provide water quality in accordance with process requirements for the production system to ensure the normal process water reuse of the water system.

A 300 micron wedge filter was selected.

(1) product features: duoling self-cleaning filter, can be widely used in steel, metallurgy, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, paper, plastic and other process water filtration and process water reuse filtration, remove impurities in the water, make water to meet the application requirements, protection equipment, pipelines, nozzles, products.

DLD motor brush FL series self-cleaning filter can not only actively intercept and filter these impurities, but also according to the control system set the pressure difference and cleaning time to automatically clean the filter, automatic sewage.

(2) equipment site installation diagram:

Application summary:

This scheme has been successfully applied in the process water system of the customer, which not only meets the needs of the customer, but also ensures the continuity and stability of the water supply system. The welding water of the factory, after passing the polyling self-cleaning filter, realizes the secondary reuse of industrial water and greatly improves the utilization rate of circulating water.

According to the feedback from shenzhen byd company, the equipment purchased this time runs well and fully meets the requirements of customers.

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