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Changsha byd automobile co. LTD

Customer profile:

In August 2009, byd established changsha byd automobile co., ltd. and changsha byd bus co., LTD. The company is located in changsha yuhua district environmental protection science and technology park, adjacent to the beijing-zhuhai expressway, with a construction area of 4.2 million square meters, mainly producing electric buses, minivans, commercial vehicles and other products.

As a large enterprise group, byd has a mature human resources system and welfare system.

Application requirements:

Changsha byd automobile co., LTD. According to the market demand to enhance economies of scale, efforts to enhance competitiveness.

In the deepening of informatization strategy, changsha byd automobile co., LTD. Has chosen duoling as the partner to meet the challenge through various channels and through layers of screening and reference.

Application scheme:

Dld-fl self-cleaning filter is applied to the cleaning system in the center of the car. The raw water and the discharged water are pre-treated to achieve the function of saving water and protecting environment.

Site installation diagram, in the figure, vertical self-cleaning filter indoor installation, down and out side, the right side of the small pipe and sewage outlet connection to facilitate the export of discharged impurities.


Application experience:

In may last year, following the partnership between duo ling and shenzhen byd, duo ling received a special customer from changsha byd.

Speaking of this special, first of all, in the previous cooperation with byd, because of the similarity of philosophy and character, the cooperation process was very pleasant, so byd is a special kind of customer for duoling;

Secondly, for the enterprises in this area of changsha, sales and service also have some advantages, the process of cooperation and negotiation is also very rich in regional characteristics.

Application summary:

During duoling's return visit to changsha byd automobile co., LTD., the company talked about the application of duoling self-cleaning filter, and the person in charge elaborated the experience of purchasing and using duoling self-cleaning filter.

This time, the procurement leader learned about doling's self-cleaning filters from doling's byd customer case. Based on various references and field visits, he believes that there are three points that make byd more inclined to cooperate with doling.

First of all, duoling can completely replace foreign filter products in terms of technology. Product design principle, stability and durability have been developed to a level. The core concept of independent research and development has advanced design awareness in the manufacturing field.


Second, doling tailored the solution to byd's actual needs, saving byd time and capital costs.

Drawing on the experience of the application of self-cleaning filter in shenzhen byd, a more perfect solution of welding water filtration system is provided.

Third, in addition to excellent technology and quality products, users are more concerned about product services.

Duoling pursuit from providing thoughtful, refined product services, the needs of users and product functions, continuous development and achieve today's results.

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