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China resources lianyuan power plant



Huarun lianyuan power plant, located in yinxi village, dutoutang township, lianyuan city, is an investment attraction project of lianyuan city and a state-approved coal-power integrated energy construction project.

Project by the Hong Kong huarun group, with a total investment of 3.3 billion yuan, the first phase of construction of 2 300 mw coal-fired power generating units, supporting the construction of two coal mines, access to a 220 kv voltage grade of hunan power grid, the main for loudi region and around the user, will significantly slow the loudi electricity tension, to ensure the power supplies for industrial companies, in particular, to promote into the sound and rapid economic development in the city.

Lianyuan power plant adopts the secondary circulating water utilization, and the water consumption of 1 million kilowatts reaches the advanced level of similar units in China.

During the 168-hour trial run of unit 1 of phase I project, unit operation is stable and reliable with good economic and technical indexes.

The desulfurization and denitrification systems are put into operation throughout the whole process, and the flue gas emission reaches the standard. The average load of the unit is 298.3mw, with an average load rate of 99.44 percent, the automatic input rate of thermal control is 97.73 percent, and the input rate of protection device is 100 percent.

Two 1×300MW units of China resources lianyuan power plant will be connected to the Internet to generate electricity at the end of September, and the production of the corresponding coal mine will increase the annual gross output value of lianyuan's industrial scale by more than 1 billion yuan, and the annual revenue will exceed 200 million yuan.

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