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Angang Steel Company Limited



Angang Steel Company Limited was founded by anshan iron & Steel group co., ltd. on May 8, 1997, and was listed on the shenzhen stock exchange (stock code: 000898) and the stock exchange of Hong Kong (stock code: 0347).

The registered capital of the company is 7.234 billion yuan, the operating income of 2008 is 79.6 billion yuan, the total assets at the end of 2008 is 92.1 billion yuan, the net assets is 53.1 billion yuan.

Anshan iron and steel has coking, sintering, ironmaking, steelmaking, steel rolling and other modern steel production processes and related supporting facilities, and has a supporting energy power system;

The products cover hot rolled plate, cold rolled plate, galvanized plate and color coated plate, thick plate, large profile, wire, seamless steel tube, cold rolled silicon steel and other steel products series, widely used in automotive, home appliances, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, railway construction and other fields.

In 2008, the company produced 1.60782 million tons of iron, 15.9969 million tons of steel and 14.9849 million tons of steel.

The production technology and technical equipment of anshan iron and steel have reached the international advanced level and passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system certification.

The physical quality of the leading products of the company, such as automobile plate, cold-rolled silicon steel, pipeline steel, petroleum pipe, container steel plate, shipbuilding plate and railway steel, has reached the international advanced level.

In steel industry production, steel continuous casting water needs to solve the problem of impurities and solid suspended solids in the water system, and the normal operation of the water system is related to the normal operation of the whole plant.

Anshan iron & steel co., LTD chooses duoling self-cleaning filter, duoling can provide filtering solutions that meet the requirements of production process according to the actual situation of the process, from coarse filter to fine filter, from automatic sewage filter to automatic self-cleaning filter, to ensure the normal operation of the water system, to achieve the purpose of saving water, saving energy, reducing consumption and environmental protection.

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