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Japan's NSK LTD., founded in 1916, is a domestic design and production of bearings manufacturers.

Over the past decades, NSK has developed numerous new bearings to meet the needs of users around the world, and has made great contributions to the development of the industry and technological progress.

At the same time, NSK, by virtue of its technical advantages in fine and dense processing, constantly develops high, fine and sharp products such as auto parts and fine and dense mechanical components, and actively develops diversified operations in electronic applications and other fields.

At present, NSK has established sales network in more than 20 countries and regions in the world, and owns more than 50 factories.

To thank the trust of users in China, NSK committed to high-speed economic development of China's output to advanced production technology and management experience, and gradually establish and improve the production as the core, technology as the guide, marketing information system for auxiliary three a body of career, NSK will add fast process of localization of the system, thus to provide Chinese users more direct, more perfect service, for the industry to make due contributions to the modernization of China.

NSK's main product is bearings, which are the basis of all machines;

Is an indispensable product in modern society;

Known as the "machinery industry of the food" the laudatory name;

It ensures the quality of all industrial products;

The purpose of NSK is operation and control;

Probe into the operation and friction of the machine to ensure the smooth rotation and operation;

It is always present, always provides the rich and colorful life for mankind and will contribute to the global energy conservation movement and resource conservation.

In NSK's industrial production, process water filtration requires high filtration precision, which is very important to ensure the normal operation of water system.

NSK eventually chose more spirit self-cleaning filters, it can realize automatic online cleaning, automatic drainage, operating with the differential/time/manual three functions, high filtration precision, the time is short, less clean water, and the advantages of small pressure loss, more spirit self-cleaning filter for NSK water system provides a stable water quality guarantee.

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