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Zhengzhou nissan automobile


Zhengzhou nissan automobile co., LTD., established in 1993, is a vehicle manufacturing enterprise jointly established by China and Japan with the approval of the state.

Among them, dongfeng motor co., ltd. owns 51 percent of the shares, dongfeng motor co., ltd. owns 28.651 percent, and nissan motor co., ltd. owns 20.349 percent.

Enterprise positioning is the main development base of dongfeng and nissan LCV products.

It is dedicated to the development of dongfeng brand mid-high class pickup trucks, suvs and MPVS and their extended products, and it is also the main player of nissan brand LCV product line in China.

Zhengzhou nissan motor co., LTD. Is the commercial vehicle production base of nissan automatic vehicle co., LTD. In China.

The company headquarters is located in zhengzhou, the production plant is located in zhongmu.

The leading products are more than 60 varieties of nissan pickup truck and nissan parradin suv, covering more than 30 provinces (cities) and autonomous regions in China.

Zhengzhou nissan has a number of production lines;

The annual capacity of pickup truck series and paladin series is 60,000.

The air compressor is expensive, but the air compressor in the operation, to cool the equipment, if the cooling water contains silt, impurities, the equipment will be easy to cause damage.

In view of this phenomenon, if a filter is installed in the circulating water treatment equipment to filter out the silt and impurities in the circulating water, it will effectively reduce the equipment failure rate, prolong the service life of the equipment, and achieve the effect of protecting the air compressor.

Zhengzhou nissan is equipped with the self-cleaning filter produced by duoling in the air compressor cooling system after the use of confirmation, the circulating water cooler without scale generation, sludge greatly reduced, and improved the cooling effect of the cooler, reduced the energy consumption and maintenance costs, a good protection of the normal operation of the air compressor.

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