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Guangxi guigang iron & steel group co. LTD


Customer background:

Your port iron and steel group is a private steel enterprises group in guangxi, the guangxi your port you jiang steel co., LTD and its subsidiary your port you jiang trade co., LTD., your port YuJiangGang industry co., LTD. And guigang new source of scrap metal recycling co., LTD and affiliated enterprise guigang city hengfeng iron and steel co., LTD., guigang strong steel industry limited liability company, the core enterprise of guangxi your port you jiang steel co., LTD.

Application requirements:

The water source of blast furnace cooling system in guigang iron & steel group is surface water and the cooling object is mainly blast furnace cooling wall.

The original way of water supply has been using direct supply, the use of water without circulation, direct outflow, waste is very large, but there are still poor water quality, water shortage, low water pressure problems.

Considering the original water supply mode has exposed as a lot of disadvantages, and no accident measures of water supply and restricted the development of the iron mill production and improvement of economic benefit, and water supply pump station pipes in disrepair, severe corrosion and difficult to change, is an important equipment in production hidden danger, so by the time the new bf blast furnace area circulation pump station synchronous construction.

The self-cleaning filter is used efficiently in source water filtration and circulating water filtration.

Application of self-cleaning filter:

This time, guigang iron and steel needs to use self-cleaning filter to filter raw water and circulating water in the newly set circulating cooling water system of blast furnace. Due to the large flow rate and high complexity set in the pipeline of circulating cooling water system of blast furnace.

Duoling offers the FL series of vertically mounted self-cleaning filters, as well as the FS series of high-flow self-cleaning filters.


              FL series                                                    FS series

Expected use effect:

Blast furnace circulating water engineering, utilization ratio is expected to reach more than 98%, significantly slow the strain on the production water, at the same time to ensure the security and reliability of iron blast furnace water, water supply index than the direct use of the river when the good, much better to solve the original problem of poor water quality, small water and low water pressure, greatly reduces the cooling equipment and pipeline pickling or sand washing frequency, improves the cooling effect, will be created necessary conditions for the blast furnace production stable high yield.

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