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Xinyu iron & steel co. LTD

Customer profile:

Xinyu iron & steel co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as xinyu iron & steel co., LTD.) is located in xinyu city, jiangxi province, which is adjacent to zhejiang-jiangxi railway and hu-rui expressway in the north, ganyue expressway in the east, wuji expressway in the west, and yuanhe river, a tributary of ganjiang river in the southeast.

The company covers an area of 30220 mu, with a total asset value of 27.5 billion yuan. At the end of 2008, there were 36,793 registered employees, 27,397 on-the-job employees, and 4,396 technicians, including 462 technicians and 1,843 intermediate technicians.

In October 2007, the main steel assets of xinang were listed as a whole (stock name: xinang stock, stock code: 600782).

At present, there is 1 stock (listed company), 3 directly affiliated units, 18 wholly-owned subsidiaries and corporate units, and 28 holding enterprises.

During the period of "11th five-year plan", the company will further implement the scientific concept of development, the construction of resource saving and environment friendly enterprise in prominent position, seize the important period of strategic opportunities of the development of the iron and steel industry in our country, the fast mechanism reform, changing the concept of development, innovation and development, improve the level of development, improve the enterprise market competition ability.

Through sound and rapid development, we will strive to build xinang into a 10,000-ton iron and steel enterprise, build three high-quality bases of Marine steel, electrical steel and metal products, and build it into an enterprise with advanced culture, evergreen foundation, beautiful environment, harmonious community, well-off society and Shared prosperity.

Application requirements:

The water source of the cooling system of xinyu iron and steel blast furnace is surface water and circulating water, and the cooling object is mainly blast furnace cooling wall.

The original way of water supply has been using direct supply, the use of water without circulation, direct outflow, waste is very large, but there are still poor water quality, water shortage, low water pressure problems.

Considering the original water supply mode has exposed as a lot of disadvantages, and no accident measures of water supply and restricted the development of the iron mill production and improvement of economic benefit, and water supply pump station pipes in disrepair, severe corrosion and difficult to change, is an important equipment in production hidden danger, so by the time the new bf blast furnace area circulation pump station synchronous construction.

Application system diagram of self-cleaning filter:


This time, xinyu iron and steel needs to use self-cleaning filter to filter raw water and circulating water in the newly set circulating cooling water system of blast furnace. Due to the large flow rate and high complexity set in the circulating cooling water system of blast furnace.

Duiling provides the FL series of self-cleaning filters installed vertically. The self-cleaning filters are composed of actuators and automatic control mechanisms. The actuators are composed of electric deceleration device, water filter body, electric sewage valve, etc.

The automatic control mechanism is composed of the differential pressure controller installed on the body of the water filter and the control box of PLC, module and electrical equipment, which fully realizes automatic filtration, automatic rotation, automatic sewage discharge and unattended.

Application of self-cleaning filter:



      新余钢铁经过自清洗过滤器在高炉循环水工程的应用,解决了原来水质差、水量小、水压低等问题,各项供水指标会比直接使用河水时明显改 善,大大降低了冷却设备和管路的酸洗或砂洗频率,提高了冷却效果,将为高炉的稳产高产创造了必要条件。提高了设备使用安 全性、可靠性的同时,整个系统中水资源的循环利用率预计可达98%以上,可缓 解当今用水紧张的局面,为我国构建资源节约型社会做出贡献。

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