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Valin steel group


Hunan steel group, a subsidiary of valin steel, is a large backbone producer of wide and thick plate, wire and bar steel in China.

Xianggang has formed a strong influence in the three core product fields of wide and thick plate, wire and bar steel, and its output scale ranks among the top five in the industry in China.

Our products are not only sold well all over the country, but also exported to America, Korea, Japan and other countries as well as Europe, southeast Asia and other regions.

The total export of steel products is the fourth in China, among which the export of wire products has been the first in China for many years.

Valin steel hunan adhere to the "blue water and blue sky, green steel" environmental philosophy.

Xianggang is located in the bank of xiangjiang river and the center of xiangtan urban area.

This is also the social responsibility of xianggang.

In order to achieve sustainable development, we must not sacrifice the environment.

A good environment is a prerequisite for the sustainable development of enterprises.

It is difficult to coordinate the development and production of traditional iron and steel enterprises with environmental pollution.

Hua chuck steel opened and built a large industrial wastewater treatment plant with a daily capacity of 80,000 tons in 2007, which is the largest industrial wastewater treatment project in hunan.

After the operation, the water quality of xiangtan-changsha section of xiangjiang river will be greatly improved, and the emission level of hualing xiangshan steel will be greatly reduced.

In the second sintering project of hualing xianggang group, polyling filtration self-cleaning filter is used in the circulating water system, which can well solve the impurities and solid suspended solids in the water system.

It plays a very important role in providing the water quality in line with the process requirements for the production system and ensuring the normal operation of the water system.

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