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Filter Q & A

1. What is the difference between self-cleaning filters and traditional filters?

      Compared with the traditional filtering equipment, the self-cleaning filter is a new type of filtering equipment. The self-cleaning filter is a separation filtering device that automatically filters and removes particles in a liquid under certain conditions. Compared with traditional filters, self-cleaning filters have the following characteristics: high degree of automation; low pressure loss; no need to manually remove filter residue. Self-cleaning filters provide uninterrupted water supply during cleaning.


2. How to choose a self-cleaning filter? What parameters should be clear?

      When selecting a self-cleaning filter, you first need to specify the following parameters

      1) Process flow (determine the interface pipe diameter based on the flow, it is recommended to select the model according to the upper limit of the parameter table. If the user provides a flow of 160T / H, the corresponding flow of the parameter table DN150 is 150T / H, it is recommended to use the DN200 If the accuracy is more than 200 microns, it is recommended to increase the model when selecting the model. If the user provides the interface pipe diameter, it is according to the user's standard.

      2) Filtration accuracy, usually micron, millimeter or mesh, the corresponding relationship is shown in the table below.

      3) The nature of the filter medium to determine the material of the housing and the filter element. The general housing material is carbon steel Q235, and the filter material is stainless steel 304, 316L.

      The pressure of the pipeline is generally 1.0Mpa, 1.6Mpa, and a price increase is required above the above standards.




3. We are in the paper industry, and the filtering liquid is relatively corrosive. What kind of filter do I need?

      Our filters have many applications in the paper industry. We have successful applications in paper paddle, white water, and clear water filtration. Customers: APP Asia Paddle Paper, Tai Green Paper, Bai Yun Paper, Tai Green Paper, etc. Paper mills are generally highly corrosive for filtering liquids. We recommend that they be made of stainless steel 304. For higher requirements, 316L stainless steel can be used.

      4. Are the self-cleaning filters and pipeline filters the same product?

      It is the same product. Self-cleaning filters are also known as electric brush filters, automatic filters, differential pressure filters, automatic brush filters, pipeline filters, etc.


      5. When is the automatic water inlet filter water flow rate guaranteed to be superior?

      The speed at which water flows through the filter is called the filtration speed. When the filtering area is constant, the greater the filtering speed, the greater the filtering capacity of the filter, but it will make some dirt easily “squeeze” through the filter screen, making the filtered water quality less than the requirements for use. If the filtration speed is too small, in order to achieve a certain filtration capacity, a larger screen area is required, which will increase the volume of the filter and increase the cost. The filtration speed of general self-cleaning filters is between 0.5 and 3 m / s.


      6. What water quality is suitable for the automatic self-cleaning filter?

      General circulating water, continuous casting water, agricultural irrigation water, and air-conditioning water can be used for self-cleaning filters, but when choosing, pay attention to the size of the flow, the concentration of suspended solids, and the pressure of the inlet water. It is said that the concentration of suspended solids is relatively high, and pretreatment must be performed before. The inlet pressure cannot be lower than 2 kg.


      7. Can the water filtered by the self-cleaning filter be drunk directly?

      No, the water directly filtered by the self-cleaning filter does not meet drinking standards. Self-cleaning filters should be used as pre-filtration devices for ultrafiltration and pure water filtration equipment. You need direct soft water to choose our pure water manufacturing equipment.


      8. Does the self-cleaning filter consume a lot of water? Are there any installation instructions?

      The self-cleaning filter consumes very little water because it is cleaned only when the filter is clogged. Not always on-line cleaning. If the water quality is particularly poor, the frequency of cleaning will be high, and the amount of water consumed will be more.


      9. Difference and effect of self-cleaning filter stack type and net type

      The stacked filter is composed of a pump, a bracket, a pipeline, a tank, a pressure gauge and a stacked filter assembly. The cylinder body, the upper flange and the bottom flange constitute a filtering tank body. A sealing gasket is provided between the upper flange and the bottom flange, and a plurality of joint bolt components are connected and fixed to seal. A filtrate is provided in the middle of the bottom flange. An outlet; a filtrate inlet on the right; a waste liquid outlet on the left; a compressed air inlet and outlet beam joint in the middle of the circular arc surface of the cylinder; a pressure gauge connected to the beam joint on the right; the interior of the cylinder is closed; The filter element is composed of a pressure ring, a filter disc, a base and a deflector. The filter disc is provided with filter paper. A set of filter elements is provided with a pressure plate. Several bolt components are passed between the bottom flange and the pressure plate. The connection is tight. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, large filtering area, small amount of residual liquid, small volume, easy movement and simple operation, and is particularly suitable for removing additives such as activated carbon and the like added in the process.

      The mesh filter is a filter that directly intercepts impurities in the water, removes suspended matter and particles in the water body, reduces turbidity, purifies water quality, reduces system dirt, bacteria, algae, rust, etc. to purify water quality and protect other equipment in the system. Working precision equipment.


     10. Why does the self-cleaning brush filter continue to supply water during cleaning?

     The self-cleaning filter relies on the pressure of the water to achieve automatic cleaning and automatic drainage. The cleaning time is very short and only a few tens of seconds can clean the filter. When the filter is blocked, the flow of the water will decrease and the water will enter. In the case of constant pressure, a pressure difference will occur between the inside and outside of the screen. The motor will drive the stainless steel brush or nozzle to clean the filter. When the default pressure of the differential pressure switch is 0.05MPA. The filter is not completely blocked. The flow at the water outlet will only slow down instead of not being out of water, and a pressure loss problem will be involved here. To explain, the pressure loss here refers to the pressure loss after the filter is blocked, and the time is the time to clean the filter. Very short, pressure loss is less than 0.018MPA. Does not affect the water requirements of subsequent equipment. Therefore, the self-cleaning filter provides uninterrupted water supply during the cleaning of the filter.


     11. Is the automatic backwash filter the same product as the self-cleaning filter? How do they work?

      Automatic backwash filter, the working principle is to change the direction of water flow, backwash the filter screen, and drain. It is suitable for occasions with less demanding and frequent backwashing. When the filter is detected to be clogged to a certain degree, that is, the pressure difference value of the filter is greater than the set value, the brush motor and the sewage valve are signaled to start the work, and the water loss is small, which is suitable for higher requirements.

Some manufacturers call the self-cleaning filter an automatic backwash filter, but we only need to look at the cleaning principle or configuration table to see.

      12. Why does the turbidity of the water from the fully automatic backwash filter not meet the requirements? What to do?

What is the reason for the long backwash time of the fully automatic backwash filter to reduce the turbidity? What to do

1> The surface of the filter layer is seriously polluted by sludge

2> The backwash water is unevenly distributed or has dead angles on the cross section of the filter

3> The filter layer is too dirty

4> The filtering speed is too fast


1> Strengthen and improve the coagulation and clarification of water and increase the backwash intensity

2> Inspect and repair water distribution device or drainage device to eliminate dead ends

3〉 Appropriately increase the number of backwash and backwash intensity

4〉 Adjust the speed of automatic backwash filter to filter water


      13. What is the reason for the insufficient flow of the automatic pipe filter? What to do?

     Reasons for insufficient traffic:

     1> The head resistance of the water inlet pipe or drainage system is too large

     2> The upper part of the filter layer is blocked by sludge or has agglomeration


     1> Troubleshoot the water inlet pipe or drainage system

     2> Clear the sludge or agglomerates, and thoroughly backwash the filter to minimize the suspended matter content in the water.


     14. What should I do when the size of the self-cleaning filter is fixed and the flow cannot be reached? What to do if the selected flow caliber cannot match?

      For a certain pipe diameter, the flow rate is constant at a certain flow rate (pressure). If the fixed caliber cannot reach the flow rate, it can only be achieved by increasing the pressure of the system, that is, increasing the flow rate of water through the filter. If the flow is small and the caliber is large, it is no problem to choose this way. It's just a bit less economical.

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