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Water Filtration Systems For Drip Irrigation

Modern irrigation systems widely use sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation and  infiltrating irrigation systems. Most water used for Irrigation is deep well water, river water or reclaimed water that have poor quality.. Using such untreated water creates blockage in the irrigation systems reducing the efficiency and  life span of the systems. The cost of both replacing the systems often and losing a crop due to bad irrigation is very high. The right solution is using Filtration systems on the main line.

DMF automatic backwash sand filter

Using three-dimensional filtration of sand, as primary filtration to deal with organic and inorganic impurities in water. Sand filters should be selected once the contents of organic impurities in the water is over 10mg/h.


DLLF automatic backwash disc filter


Used as the second level filtration to effectively remove fibrous impurities, having a high ability to catch soft impurities.


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