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Irrigation Disc Filter-1

Introduction of Irrigation Disc Filter:

The application of irrigation disc filters in developed areas has been quite common. It is able to work under fairly severe conditions of use and requires very little maintenance. Therefore, disc filters are used in fields such as irrigation, wastewater treatment, sewage, municipal water supply, waterworks, large power plants, chemical companies, and emergency filtration. The disc filter is formed by the parallel combination of filter units, and the filter unit is composed of a group of annular reinforced plastic filter discs with grooves. During filtration, sewage enters from the outside, and the rim formed by the edge of the groove on the adjacent filter disc intercepts the solids in the water. During backwashing, water flows from the inside of the annular filter disc to the outside, flushes the dirt trapped on the filter disc, and discharges it through the sewage outlet.

Irrigation disc filter adopts modular design and can be used in various combinations according to filter units to meet the actual needs of different applications. Backwash controllers are simple to operate and control filters or workstations based on differential pressure, time, or a combination of the two. Fully automatic disc filter elements do not need to be replaced.


The principle of the filtration stage of the irrigation disc filter: 

The water flows into the filter through the water inlet. When passing through the filter disc, the filter disc is tightly pressed together under the action of spring force and hydraulic force, and the impurity particles are trapped in the disc. At the intersection, filtered water flows out of the main filter channel, and the one-way diaphragm valve is open. Principle of backwashing stage: when the pressure difference is reached, or within a set time, the system automatically enters the backwashing state, the controller controls the valve to change the direction of water flow, the one-way diaphragm at the bottom of the filter closes the main channel, and backwashing enters the four groups of nozzle channels. The water pressure in the piston cavity connected to the nozzle channel rises, the piston moves upward to overcome the pressure of the spring on the disc, and releases the piston space at the top of the disc group, and at the same time backwash water from the 35*4 nozzles above the four groups of nozzle channels Spray along the direction of the tangent of the disc to make the disc rotate and evenly separate it, spray the washing water to wash the surface of the disc, and spray out the impurities trapped on the disc. When the backwash is over, the direction of the water flow changes again, the disc is compressed again, and the system re-enters the filtering state.

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