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Anthracite and Quartz Sand Canning Sequence in Multimedia Filters

Multimedia filters are generally composed of two or three layers of filter material.

Multi-media filter filter material combination:

The filter material filling sequence in the multi-media filter is that the upper layer is the filter material with low density, and the lower layer is the filter material with high density. Generally speaking, a multi-media filter is filled with two or more filter materials. This is because when the filter materials are different, the density difference is large, and the mixed layer phenomenon will not occur after backwashing. The particle size of the lower filter material is required to be smaller than that of the upper filter material to ensure the effectiveness and full utilization of the lower filter material.

Take the three-layer filling rate material as an example. The upper filter material has the largest particle size and the smallest density, and belongs to the light filter material, which is generally placed with anthracite and activated carbon; the middle layer filter material has a medium particle size, and is generally placed with quartz sand filter material; the lower layer filter material is composed of the smallest particle size. , It is composed of the heavy filter material with the highest density, and the magnetite filter material is generally placed.

Generally speaking, due to the limitation of density difference, the filter material of the three-layer media filter is basically fixed and will not be replaced at will. The upper filter material is generally coarse filtration, simple filtration, and filters are large particles of impurities, and the lower filter material is fine filtration, which filters impurities with smaller diameters. In this way, the function of the multi-layer filter bed can be fully exerted, and the effluent quality will be much better. Common three-layer filters are anthracite-quartz sand-magnetite three-layer filters, activated carbon-quartz sand-magnetite three-layer filters, etc.


The quartz sand filter mainly uses the physical pollution interception characteristics of quartz sand to remove large particles, colloids and suspended solids in the water.

Activated carbon filter mainly uses the adsorption characteristics of activated carbon to absorb residual chlorine, color and odor in raw water.

Manganese sand filter mainly uses the physical properties of manganese sand to remove large particles of impurities such as iron, manganese and colloid in raw water.

Anthracite is a filter material between quartz sand and activated carbon, so the anthracite filter has the function of filtering and intercepting quartz sand, and also has the adsorption function of activated carbon filter, which can be used for tap water treatment, river water treatment and sewage treatment. However, the cost of anthracite is higher, and the daily use of anthracite filters is less.

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