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Detailed explanation of multi-media filter for sewage treatment equipment

Multi-media filters are mainly used to remove silt, suspended solids, colloidal impurities and algae and other organisms in water, and reduce mechanical damage and pollution to reverse osmosis membrane elements.

Overview of Multimedia Filters

Multi-media filter is a process in which one or several filter media are used to pass water with high turbidity through a certain thickness of granular or non-granular material under a certain pressure to remove suspended impurities and clarify the water. The turbidity of the effluent can reach 3. degree below.

The tank materials of the multimedia filter are commonly used carbon steel anti-corrosion or rubber lining, stainless steel 304, glass fiber reinforced plastic. There are two modes of operation: PLC automatic control and manual operation, which are easy to operate and easy to maintain.


Multimedia filter - filter layer

The multi-media filter uses quartz sand, activated carbon, anthracite, manganese sand and other materials as the filter layer. The top layer of the filter layer consists of the lightest and coarsest grades of material, while the heaviest and finest grades are placed at the bottom of the filter layer, which works by depth filtration - larger particles in the water are removed at the top layer, less Small particles are removed deeper in the filter media.

Multi-media filter filtration method

The multi-media filter is a pressure filter. The water flow enters the filter material layer from the water inlet due to the action of pressure. The sand particles in the filter material layer are arranged closely, so that the particles in the water have more opportunities to collide with the sand particles. Due to adsorption and mechanical It is trapped by the surface of the filter layer due to the blocking effect, so as to obtain clear water, and the effluent suspension after filtration can be below 5mg/L.

Multimedia filter performance characteristics

Multi-media filters are economical and practical, with low requirements for raw water quality, simple treatment process, convenient operation, low maintenance, low energy consumption, etc., stable in operation and treatment, good decolorization effect, and thorough decomposition of organic matter. Widely used in various fields.

Multimedia filter application field

Multi-media filters are widely used in pretreatment of osmosis, electrodialysis, ion exchanger, ultrafiltration and other systems, pre-filtration of raw water in papermaking, power generation, chemical industry and other systems, domestic water pretreatment, industrial water treatment, swimming pool water treatment, It is also used in circulating water by-pass filtration system, surface water, groundwater turbidity and color removal, wastewater treatment and other industries.

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