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Three ways to teach you how to buy a good self-cleaning filter

 1. Please pay attention to the necessity of filtering 

Pay attention to self-filtration requirements when purchasing a self-cleaning filter. Ultimately, you must meet your own filtering requirements in order to perform the necessary filtering operations during later use. In addition, before purchasing equipment, you must understand what filtration effect and filtration efficiency you need, and clarify your needs.

 2. Pay attention to the material of the equipment 

When purchasing a self-cleaning filter, also pay attention to its material. Because the final material can determine the strength of the equipment to a certain extent, what strength and life it can withstand. You can compare the service life and working intensity of self-cleaning filters of different materials, and then combine the required working intensity with the required equipment life to measure your budget and buy a filter that is more suitable for you.


 3. Focus on equipment brand 

Of course, the brand of equipment is also important when purchasing a self-cleaning filter. After all, a self-cleaning filter company with a very large brand can provide better service quality, and the quality of the filter produced is also outstanding. Using this kind of equipment for filtration work, the stability of the equipment is better. To any problem, the manufacturer will provide better service in a short time.

So don't think buying a self-cleaning filter is easy. If you want a cost-effective device, you need to consider a variety of factors. The three elements described above are very important, and you can refer to them before purchasing.

At present, groundwater pollution is spreading from point and strip to surface, infiltrating from shallow layer to deep layer, and spreading from the city to the surrounding area. "Experts believe that if water is safe, the country will be safe, and if water is prosperous, the country will be prosperous. If groundwater pollution cannot be effectively controlled and restored, it will bring serious threats to the health of the people, and will pose a great threat to the normal operation of the entire ecosystem. hidden danger.


Due to many reasons, the distribution of water resources in my country is uneven, the contradiction between supply and demand of water resources is prominent, and the task of water ecological environmental protection is heavy. The research and development of self-cleaning filter has successfully alleviated the contradiction between supply and demand of water resources.

Self-cleaning filters are filters involved in pipeline transportation. The self-cleaning filter is mainly composed of a nozzle, a cylinder, a filter basket, a flange, a flange cover and fasteners. It can be installed on the pipeline to remove the larger solid impurities in the fluid, so that the machinery and equipment (including compressors, pumps, etc.) and instruments can work and operate normally, so as to stabilize the process and ensure safe production.

The self-cleaning filter effectively intercepts the suspended matter, particulate matter, bacteria and algae and other harmful substances in the water body by using the filter screen, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the water source and improving the water quality. The water quality treated by the self-cleaning filter meets the national requirements, effectively protecting the water resources and the environment. In addition, the water quality treated by the self-cleaning filter can meet the requirements of reuse, which effectively saves water resources.

The working principle of the self-cleaning filter: when the liquid enters the filter basket through the cylinder, the solid impurity particles are blocked in the filter basket, and the clean fluid passes through the filter basket and is discharged from the filter outlet. When cleaning is required, unscrew the screw plug at the bottom of the main pipe, drain the fluid, remove the flange cover, and re-install it after cleaning. Therefore, it is extremely convenient to use and maintain.

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