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Disc Filter -- Technical knowledge 2/3

Today, I will share with you the relevant technical principles of disc filters. If any questions, please feel free to contact us, our team will be happy to serve you.

 filter process 

1. The sewage to be treated enters the filter unit from the water inlet

2. The water flows from the outside of the filter disc set to the inside of the filter disc set

3. When the water flow passes through the channel formed by the annular edge, the particles with a particle size larger than the edge height are intercepted and stored in the space formed by the curved edge, the gap between the filter disc group and the shell.

4. After filtration, the clean water enters the inside of the annular filter disc and is led out through the outlet.

 Control section 

The start-up of filter backwash is controlled by time and differential pressure simultaneously, and the settings of working time and backwash time can be adjusted on site. When the pressure difference or time reaches the set value, the controller starts backwashing one by one in a certain order, and it is put into use immediately after the cleaning is completed. The controller is equipped with a forced backwash function, and the manual control of each filter head is realized by adjusting the manual control button on the solenoid valve.

 Performance characteristics 

1. Fine filter:

The special structure of the filter disc filtration technology, with sensitive performance, ensures that only particles with a particle size smaller than the required size can enter the system. Choose filter discs with different precisions. System flow can be flexibly adjusted according to needs.

2. Standard modular, save space:

The system is based on a standard disc filter unit, which is designed according to modularization, and users can choose and choose according to their needs, which is flexible and changeable and has strong interchangeability. The system is compact and occupies a small area, and can be installed flexibly by using the corner space. For example, the equipment with a water treatment capacity of about 300m3/h occupies only about 6m2 (general water quality, filtration grade 100μ).

3. Fully automatic operation, continuous water output:

Between each unit in the filter combination, the backwashing process is carried out alternately, and the working and backwashing states are automatically switched to ensure continuous water output; the backwashing water consumption is small, accounting for only 0.5% of the water output; if combined with air With auxiliary backwashing, the self-consumption water can be reduced to less than 0.2%. High-speed backwashing can be completed in just tens of seconds

4. Long life:

The new plastic filter element is firm, non-abrasive, non-corrosive, and less fouling. After years of industrial practical verification, it will not wear out for 6 to 10 years, and will not age, and the filtering and backwashing effects will not deteriorate due to use time.

5. High quality and less maintenance:

The products meet the corresponding quality standards. All products have been tested and tested under simulated working conditions before leaving the factory. No special tools are required, and there are few parts. It is easy to use, only needs regular inspection and almost no daily maintenance.

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