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Five things to note when choosing a self-cleaning filter


      Self-cleaning filters are widely used in water filtration in power plants, sewage treatment plants, metallurgy, steel, agriculture, municipal, central air conditioning and other industries. When choosing a self-cleaning filter, please consider the following parameters:

     1. Handling traffic

     Select the corresponding pipe diameter according to the size of the processing flow.

     2. Chemical properties of filter media

     Filter media to choose the type of material: carbon steel, stainless steel.

     3. Suspended matter concentration in filter media

     According to the concentration of suspended matter in the medium, it is selected through several stages of filtration.

     4.Required filtering accuracy

     The filtration accuracy of the filter is determined according to the size of the media particles, but it is not that the higher the accuracy, the higher the accuracy is, and it is easy to block and cause frequent cleaning of the filter.

     5.Pipe pressure

     According to the pressure of the piping system, it is generally 1.0MPa and 1.6MPa, with a higher pressure index of 2.5MPa

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