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Keep improving—welcome the acceptance inspection of STEC


       H.C. Starck is a large international group company and a leading global manufacturer of metal and ceramic powders and special chemical materials.

       This time, a major engineering project of Setec involves the by-pass filtration of industrial circulating water. After preliminary communication, Setec carefully selected Changsha Duoling Environmental Micron Media Filter System-Shallow Media Filter. For the technically demanding items of their projects. This cooperation Duoling deeply felt the German company's attitude towards product excellence. After repeated technical exchanges and program communication between the two parties have reached the production operation, ushering in a factory acceptance by STEC. The four-member inspection team, including two professional German technicians, carried out detailed acceptance inspections of products as small as parts and components to eliminate possible problems at the source.

       With each cooperation, DLT can continue to grow-excellence, service first, dedicated to you!

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