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Shandong innovation plate co. LTD

Customer profile:

Shandong innovation plate co., LTD. Was established on June 26, 2008. Type of company: limited liability company.

Business scope for high precision aluminum strip production, sales;

Aluminum processing new products, new materials, new technology research and development.

The company is located in zouping county economic development zone of new beiwai ring (five road) fairy DongShou "innovative industrial park", is a major construction project, zouping county is the current domestic aluminum big scale, high technical content and high added value products deep processing project, group company will be formed after the production of "rolling, cold rolling, foil rolling" one-stop industrial chain, a leader in the industry in domestic aluminum processing and outstanding person.

High precision aluminum strip because of its low density, high strength, easy to process, high conductivity, corrosion resistance and other excellent performance, so that it in aerospace, automotive and shipbuilding, construction, electrical, packaging and consumer durables and other fields occupy an increasingly important position.

Application requirements:

Shandong innovation board co., LTD. "rolling, cold rolling, foil rolling" one-stop industrial chain, need to use a lot of cooling circulating water system in the industrial chain, cooling circulating water system is due to the production process requirement, need to motor, air compressor, mold and other production equipment for cooling water system, the cooling water system due to the long time running, or in the shipment schedule for the cooling tower will be brought into contact with the outside water impurities, or because of scale is the rust of suspended solids, the impurity and suspended solids in water system for a long time can block heat exchanger and piping system,

Thus, the heat exchange efficiency of the cooling equipment is affected, resulting in the increase of water supply and energy consumption.

Application scheme:



We provide filtering solution to completely solve this problem, as shown in the flow chart of the above, we between the pump and heat exchanger equipment a self-cleaning filter (electric brush type filters or electric automatic sewage filter), according to the actual situation, choose the corresponding filter and the filtering precision, these will ensure not affect the normal operation under the condition of the water system, self-cleaning filter can filter out the precision of all impurity, and within the scope of the set pressure difference or time automatic cleaning filter and automatic sewage.

The setting of the self-cleaning filter will greatly improve the heat exchange efficiency of the system, reduce the amount of water replenishment in the system, and improve the concentration ratio of water, so as to save water, save energy and protect the environment.

Application experience:

This self-cleaning filter system scheme has been successfully applied in the multi-customer circulating water system. The self-cleaning filter not only ensures the continuity, stability and water outlet accuracy of the cooling water supply system, but also achieves the goals of water saving, energy saving and environmental protection.

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