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North zhuzhou branch

Project background:

Baic zhuzhou branch is invested by Beijing automotive group co., LTD. The company is located in liyu industrial park, tianyuan district, zhuzhou city, hunan province. It is a passenger car project.

The company is divided into two phases, one of which covers an area of more than 1000 mu, with a total investment of more than 5 billion yuan, forming an annual production capacity of 200,000 vehicles and 200,000 engines, and the second phase of investment will be completed to form an annual production capacity of 500,000 vehicles and 500,000 engines.

Project requirements:

In the welding workshop of the body factory, the impurity particles in the system need to be filtered in the new project 789.

Application scheme:

This is the second time that duoling self-cleaning filter is used to protect the water system of welding workshop.

As early as last year, through the construction of environment construction group found changsha more spirit, understand the status of water quality to the scene, in great spirit and technical personnel recommended a set of suitable for filtering solution of this system, finally USES the net type self-cleaning filters, driven by a motor self-cleaning filter screen cleaning brush, is stopped by the filter impurities from the drain valve to discharge, when cleaning, the system does not block the whole operation process of self-cleaning filter provided by an intelligent control box to control.

The first application meets the customer's expected filtering technical requirements and ensures the stable operation of the system.

In the following new expansion project, again do not hesitate to choose the polyling filtration system for its water filtration system again escort!


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