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Yaobu ancient town project

Project background:

The yaobu ancient town project is one of the "ten construction projects" in liuzhou, with a planned land area of about 220,000 square meters. The construction of the ancient town includes two major areas, the ancient port commercial block and the dong village cultural and custom park.

The ancient town is an important part of the landscape planning of "hundred-mile liujiang river" and an important carrier of inheriting the historical context of liuzhou.

Project requirements:

It is necessary to protect and filter the ground source heat pump system in the air-conditioning system of this ancient town.

Application scheme:

Over the past decades, duoling laminated filter system has been widely used in air conditioning system, water source heat pump system, ground source heat pump system, rural irrigation, environmental protection sewage engineering and industrial and mining enterprises.

The main function of laminated filter system in air conditioning system is to prevent the blockage and pollution of heat exchanger, pipeline, nozzle and product, ensure the efficiency of heat exchange, save water and energy, and improve the concentration ratio of cooling water.

As one of the "ten major construction projects" in liuzhou, yaobu ancient town is extremely cautious in the early maintenance of the air conditioning system. After repeated inspection, the duoling laminated filter system is finally selected to protect and filter the ground source heat pump system in the early stage.

This is also after liuzhou hedong management building project, duoling laminated filter once again to serve in liuzhou major project air conditioning system.

长沙多灵环保叠片过滤器组     长沙多灵环保叠片过滤器组

长沙多灵环保叠片过滤器组          长沙多灵环保叠片过滤器组

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