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Shanxi tianji coal chemical industry group co. LTD

Customer profile:

Shanxi tianji coal chemical industry group co., ltd. is located in lucheng, shangdang basin. Its predecessor is shanxi chemical fertilizer plant.

After nearly 30 years of development, at present, has formed a chemical fertilizer - based, set machinery chemical, coal deep processing, fine chemical as one, multi-product, cross-regional large coal chemical industry group.

The company has passed ISO9002 quality system certification, ISO14000 environmental system and measurement system certification, through the national laboratory and technology research and development center accreditation.

Tianji group has won the second prize of national science and technology progress award for its research and development and application of large-scale luqi coal to ammonia technology.

"Tianji" brand nitric acid phosphate fertilizer set "Chinese trademark" and "Chinese brand products" in one.

The "tianji" trademark has been appraised as a "valuable brand in China" with a value of 2.97 billion yuan.

Company has won the "national May Day labor diploma", was named "China's chemical industry science and technology innovation demonstration enterprise", "national fertilizer manufacturing capacity for independent innovation enterprise" and "national chemical industry environmental protection work advanced unit", in 2006 to obtain full quality standardization secondary enterprises in Shanxi Province, 2007 security production advanced unit in Shanxi Province, in 2008 won the title of "national advanced collective" petroleum and chemical industry.

Application requirements:

Mine safety has been a common concern of the state and enterprises, in order to further consolidate the safety production foundation, promote the sustainable and healthy development of enterprise production, prevention has become an effective measure to prevent the occurrence of disasters.

At the beginning of 2011, the explosion-proof self-cleaning filter produced by changsha duiling environmental protection technology co., ltd. became the special drainage equipment of shanxi tianji coal chemical industry group co., LTD.

Application scheme:

Explosion-proof self-cleaning filter design reference standard of coal mine security, every parts of the filter test through security standard, the differential pressure controller, washing machine, electric discharge valve, automatic control box of explosion-proof level has been adopted, every nut is detailed in the filtering process to produce the parts and also in the process of actual production and test out all details are summarized some of the considerations, such as the following three points:

One, fasteners

1, the thread connection and locking pieces are complete, solid and reliable, bolt head and nut shall not have shovel injury or serious angular deformation, thread without random or bald buckle.

2. The length of the threaded hole screwed by the bolt shall not be less than the diameter of the bolt (cast iron, copper, aluminum alloy, etc., shall not be less than 1.5 times the diameter of the bolt).

3. After tightening the nut, the thread of the bolt should expose the nut with 1~3 pitch, and the length of the thread should not be adjusted by increasing the washer.

4, nail and nail hole should be consistent, not loose.

5, rivet fastening, must not have obvious skew phenomenon.

6, the key should not be loose, when the pad should not be added, the length of the exposed keyway should be less than 20 percent of the full length of the key, more than 5 percent of the full length of the key (hook key does not include hook head part).

Two, coupling

1. The difference between the outside diameter of elastic ring pin coupling and the inside diameter of coupling pin hole should not exceed 3mm.

2. The wear of gear coupling tooth thickness shall not exceed 20% of the original tooth thickness, and the keys and bolts shall not become loose.

3. The spring of snake spring coupling shall not be damaged, and the thickness of wear shall not exceed 10% of the original thickness.

Rolling bearing

1, the bearing rotation is flexible, stable, no noise.

2, the grease is qualified, the amount of oil is appropriate, accounting for 1/2~~2/3 of the oil chamber, no oil leakage.

Application experience:

Shanxi tianji coal chemical industry group co. LTD is the leading enterprise of national coal mine.

At the beginning of the year, tianji coal chemical purchasing personnel through the Internet preliminary understanding of our company's product characteristics, in order to further confirm the company's technical strength, came to our company in April inspection.

During the investigation, through the communication with our technical personnel and in combination with the requirements of mineral safety, our company specially designed a plan, which was approved by the responsible person of the mine.

Application summary:

The release of explosion-proof self-cleaning filter not only solves the safety problem of mine drainage equipment, but also promotes the development of filtration industry.

Safety production of coal mine needs our responsibility, and safety production more depends on our responsibility. Technical personnel of duoling environment summarized some important experience through this production design, thus laying a good foundation for the smooth launch of explosion-proof self-cleaning filter (coal mine self-cleaning filter).

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