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Waste water treatment talk III

Waste water treatment talk<III> Mud cake moisture content

At present, the sewage treatment that has been put into use or is under construction generally adopts the activated sludge method for sewage treatment. The amount of sludge is large, and there are many organic components in the sludge, which is not easy to be dehydrated. Therefore, if the moisture content of the mud cake is to be controlled below 80%, it is necessary to increase the dosage of PAM, thereby increasing the cost of sewage treatment.

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In order to ensure the effect of sludge concentration and dewatering, in the preparation of sludge dewatering flocculant, the concentration of flocculant should be controlled within the range of 0.1% to 0.5%. If the concentration is too low, the dosage of the solution will be large, and the frequency of dispensing will increase; if the concentration is too high, the viscosity of the medicine will be too high, which may lead to insufficient mixing, and the resistance of the screw pump will increase when the liquid is transported, which is easy to accelerate equipment loss and pipeline blockage. In addition, the specific gravity of different batches and different types of flocculants varies greatly. It is necessary to periodically or irregularly calibrate the concentration of the agent according to the actual situation, and adjust the dosage of the agent in a timely manner to ensure the sludge dewatering effect and reduce the waste of the agent. At the same time, the dry powder medicament should be protected from moisture and failure during storage and use.

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