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How to choose the self-cleaning filter screen?

How to choose the self-cleaning filter screen mesh


As the society pays more and more attention to environmental protection, the application range of self-cleaning filters is becoming wider and wider, from source water filtration, cooling circulating water filtration, process water filtration, sewage treatment filtration to agricultural irrigation water filtration, self-cleaning filters Wide application is playing an increasingly important role in saving water, improving water recycling rate, and reducing production costs. The filter screen is a very important part of the self-cleaning filter. The correct choice of the filter screen is important for self-cleaning. The role of the filter is very important to ensure the normal operation of the water system.

   The filter screen of the self-cleaning filter has several important technical parameters. One is the material of the filter, which is divided into 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel and special-purpose titanium and nickel alloys. The second is the form of the filter, which is divided into drilling holes. Filters, wedge-shaped filters, woven filters and multi-layer composite filters; the third is the filter accuracy of the filter, generally 25 microns to 3500 microns.

   Nowadays, many users have a big misunderstanding when choosing the filter of the self-cleaning filter. They think that the higher the filtering accuracy of the filter, the better, and the higher the accuracy of the filter, the impurities in the water system can be eliminated. Quickly filter clean. The selection of the accuracy of the filter actually has an important relationship with the specific operating conditions of the system. The flow, pressure, and water quality requirements of the water system are all parameters to be considered in the selection of the filter. Some water systems require the accuracy of the filter. Very low, for example, the initial filtration of the source water of the process water only needs to filter out the leaves, large silt, small fish, etc. in the water. For such working conditions, you can choose a borehole with a relatively low filtration accuracy (such as 1000-3000 microns) The filter screen can filter out these impurities relatively quickly. If you choose a filter with high filtration accuracy, although these impurities include some solid suspended solids smaller than these impurities, excessive pressure loss in the water system will also occur , Self-cleaning filter cleaning system frequently starts a series of problems, the result is that the power consumption of the pump increases, the amount of cleaning water increases, and the production cost of the enterprise increases. This is contrary to the original intention of using the self-cleaning filter.

   Generally speaking, solid impurities that need to be filtered at 1000 microns and above, we recommend choosing a drill-type filter. If you need to filter impurities within 100 to 1000 microns, you can choose a wedge filter or a woven filter. If you need to filter 100 microns For the following impurities, a multi-layer composite filter is a suitable choice. Of course, the actual needs of each system are different. Some are to filter solid suspended solids in the form of silt particles, some are to filter relatively viscous impurities, and some are to filter fiber impurities. It is more flexible for various working conditions. Dawning Environmental always has a  solution. For more information about self-cleaning filters, please contact us.

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