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Industrial Water Treatment Mode

 The treatment methods of industrial water can be summarized in three ways: 

   ①It is commonly used to obtain the required water quality by removing part or all of the impurities in the raw water;

   ② Obtain the required water quality by adding new ingredients to the raw water;

   ③ The processing of raw water does not involve the removal of impurities or the addition of new components.

 Water treatment process: Sewage treatment generally includes the following three-stage treatment: 

   The primary treatment is that it removes the stones, sand, fat, grease, etc. contained in the sewage through mechanical treatment, such as grids, sedimentation or air flotation.

   Secondary treatment is biological treatment, in which pollutants in sewage are degraded and converted into sludge under the action of microorganisms.

   Tertiary treatment is the advanced treatment of sewage, which includes removal of nutrients and disinfection of sewage by chlorination, UV radiation or ozone technology.

   Depending on the treatment goals and water quality, some sewage treatment processes do not include all the above-mentioned processes.

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