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The working principles of the automatic backwash filter

1. The internal structure of the fully automatic backwash filter is composed of pig hair brushes or stainless steel wire brushes, stainless steel filters and transmission parts. It has a transmission motor and an electric valve to automatically complete the cleaning and sewage discharge. The operation mode is automatic operation (also run manually).

The equipment has dual functions of differential pressure and timed automatic sewage discharge. Its automation part adopts PLC programmable controller which is very advanced and reliable in the world today.

When the water flows through the filter, the mechanical impurities in the water are blocked by the filter screen. When the impurities accumulated on the surface of the filter screen increase and the pressure difference reaches 0.04MPa, the pressure difference development will send a signal, and the PLC will send an instruction at the same time, and the transmission motor will start. The sewage valve is opened, and the impurities deposited in the filter screen are brushed by the rotating brush and discharged from the sewage outlet.

The entire brushing and sewage process does not require personnel to operate, and does not need to stop. At the same time, the equipment is also equipped with regular cleaning and manual cleaning and sewage functions to ensure the safety and reliability of the water in any situation.


2. The pressure raw water enters the body from the water inlet, and firstly flows through the coarse filter by external pressure to filter out larger particulate impurities.

The effluent from the coarse filter screen enters into the fine filter screen under internal pressure to further retain the fine impurities in the water. At the same time, the ultrasonic waves work synchronously to vibrate the tiny bubble nuclei in the liquid. When the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubbles will continue to expand and then close suddenly. When these small bubbles collapse rapidly, a high temperature (5000K) high pressure ( thousands of atmospheres). And because the liquid around the bubbles rushes into the bubbles at a high speed, a strong local shock wave is generated in the liquid near the bubbles, and local high temperature and high pressure are also formed, resulting in ultrasonic sterilization, cleaning, pulverization, emulsification, dispersion and promotion. The role of a series of ultrasonic double-click intelligent control differential pressure filter such as chemical reaction

The ultrasonic frequency above 20KHz integrates advanced oxidation, incineration, supercritical oxidation and other water treatment technologies, which can not only prevent the filter from being blocked, but also prolong the filter backwash cycle. At the same time, it has the function of significantly sterilizing and degrading organic matter.

With the accumulation of various pollutants in the filter medium on the inside of the fine filter screen, the filter channel is blocked, and the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet gradually increases. When the pressure difference reaches the preset value, the differential pressure transmitter connected to the water inlet and outlet The detected differential pressure signal is converted into a current signal of 4-20mA and transmitted to the control system, and the backwash frequency can also be preset by time.

When the running time reaches the preset value, the system automatically starts the stroke motor and the backwashing high-pressure pump. At this time, the transmission device drives the dirt collector equipped with the suction nozzle to rotate and horizontally move back and forth inside the filter screen. At the same time, on the outside of the filter screen, the high-pressure backwashing device and the sewage discharge device act synchronously and have a corresponding relationship. On the premise of not interrupting the normal operation, only a small part of the product water is used to perform high-pressure backwashing on the filter screen and backwash water. Through the filter screen, together with the impurities peeled off the filter screen, it is quickly sucked into the dirt collector by the suction nozzle, sent to the sewage discharge chamber, and then discharged from the sewage outlet.

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