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520 Valentines Day

520 Valentine's Day


A string of simple numbers, a sincere expression

"520=I love you"

This is the same as the Cartesian coordinate formula

"Love" composed of numbers is simple and pure

Every "520" has

Sweet words of its own

"I love you" is to put

I will tell you the most beautiful love story in the world

Love for your partner-exquisite

Still holding each other's hands on the road ahead

For the true love that is hard to find in a lifetime

A warm home to build a sweet love nest together

Love for children-warmth

The arrival of new life

Always accompanied by joy and more responsibility

It was the first "parents" of infinite joy

Raise your arms to protect your children from wind and rain


Love for parents-caring

Careful care in childhood

Care and nagging after growing up

Where they are the real foothold

It’s time for us to become their support


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