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Three major changes to CDFS work in the first quarter

On April 11, the first quarter summary meeting of the Dolling Market was held in the conference room. All departments summarized the work in the first quarter of 2020 and deployed the second quarter tasks; we used "three changes" to summarize the past quarter work.

Due to the covid-19 situation in the first quarter of 2020, companies and projects have basically not resumed work from February to February. Use this time:



The focus of work has shifted from offline to online: In the early days of the epidemic, home office online, telephone and video connections provided solutions for quotations, answering customers' doubts; actively learning new online promotion methods to develop markets.

Customer communication has changed from work to life: during the epidemic period, epidemic prevention materials were very scarce, and Duolin still tried his best to send masks, epidemic prevention medicine and other materials to customers in Hubei and Jiangxi; Communication does not stop at work, our hearts are connected.


The transformation of personal honor to national pride: As the saying goes, "Youth is strong, China is strong!". The epidemic has made the world see the patriotism and solidarity of the Chinese people; our group of "old teenagers" actively learn their skills online, do their best to love learning, love the motherland, and rush toward the dream.


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