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CDFS environmental protection in the eyes of an employee


     CDFS, in the eyes of ordinary people, the first impression is an environmental protection company, what is not clear; after you start to understand, this is a specialized water filtration product, mainly produces and develops self-cleaning filters , Laminated filter, shallow medium filter manufacturer; and in the eyes of a company employee for a year, it is a team, a family, a team full of passion, upward, unity and hard work; A family full of warmth and responsibility!


      A team and a family need good leaders to guide them. As the founder of Dowling Environment, as early as 2004, he was keenly aware of market dynamics and led the company to successfully transform from a traditional manufacturing company into a specialized filter production base. He determined the company's product direction and continued along this path. Pioneering innovation. The courage and perseverance demonstrated at work are shared by every entrepreneur, but life outside work is very different. He loves badminton, he always shuttles in the badminton hall, he shows us the motivation and hard work that men should have; he enjoys self-help travel, and brings his family to indulge in the landscape every weekend, he shows us that life can be comfortable and Comfortable; a person who succeeds is not just about how brilliant his career is, but also how to adjust the family and life so wonderfully and wonderfully when his career is successful, isn't this what we have been pursuing.

      A team, a family, especially a production company, also needs a strong technical team to lay a solid foundation. Doring Technology has experienced veteran engineers and young talents who are constantly being integrated. Skilled masters have many years of experience in filtration technology, and these young technicians continue to break through the development and innovation of multi-spiral environmental filtration technology with their unique drive and research.

      A team and a family need a group of dynamic marketing teams to promote it. Xiao Bian was fortunate to be one of them. In the company's one year, he continued to grow with this passionate team. At work, we applaud our colleagues for better signing methods, and we are anxious for colleagues encountering customer problems. We know that as sales, we need energy and motivation, as well as pressure and challenges, so we compete with each other and stimulate each other. In life, we are more like a family. We can vent our grievances freely; we can enjoy ourselves with joy and joy. This team and this family are becoming more and more popular.

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