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Bright Moon Mountain Climbing Tour


      CDFS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of domestic filtration systems. Its products mainly include self-cleaning filters, laminated filters, and shallow media filters, including domestic industries, agriculture, municipal administration, HVAC, papermaking, and medicine. With the continuous expansion of scale and the constant standardization of corporate culture, humanized management of enterprises has begun to fully reflect. After experiencing intense and busy work in midsummer, in order to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication, and to further inspire the team spirit of the enterprise, the company specially organized all employees to climb a trip to Mingyue Mountain, Jiangxi!


      It is the unanimous feeling of everyone in this journey. Through this trip to Mingyue Mountain, the stress and tension in daily work have been greatly relieved, and more importantly, the distance between the multi-spirited colleagues has been shortened, and the multi-spirited has become more psychic More like a big family! I believe that every colleague will be devoted to future work with greater enthusiasm. Of course, the CDFS family will provide you with better services in the water filtration industry!

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