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Good news | congratulations CDFS get another3 patents certificates

Good news, three more dooling patents have been approved.

Through years of efforts, duoling has a certain amount of patent storage, these patent achievements for the future development of the company has accumulated forward momentum.

The following are three approved patents:

Patent number of electric brush self-cleaning filter: ZL 2019 2 1261379.6


Online automatic cleaning system for condenser patent no. : ZL 2019 2 1202703.7


Patent number of sand filter: ZL 2019 2 1261769.3


Over the years, CDFS adhering to the "diligent, rigorous, truth-seeking, pragmatic" style of enterprise, to provide customers with accurate and better technical services.

In his work, CDFS attaches great importance to technological innovation, and actively applies for patents on all the achievements and carries out intellectual property protection.

The authorization and recognition of the patent not only demonstrates the technical strength of duoling and enhances the company's core competitiveness, but also brings high-quality service to customers through technological innovation.

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