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Leaders of Yuhua District CPPCC visited CDFS


       On July 18th, Zhou Lingyun, vice chairman of the CPPCC of Yuhua District, and Deng Yun'e, director of the proposal committee of the Yuhua District CPPCC, led the heads of related departments to visit CDFS.



     During the visit, the leaders of the CPPCC learned about the basic situation and operating conditions of Dorim, and understood the needs of Dorim. They also conducted face-to-face exchanges with the person in charge of the company, Jiang Hao, on the actual problems currently facing and the opinions and suggestions of government departments. Come up with ideas, think of ways, and do whatever you can to help co-ordinate the multi-spirited difficulties. At the same time, we carefully collected and investigated the problems and difficulties existing in Doring, brought the opinions and suggestions of Doring together, put them together in the district government and relevant functional departments for further implementation, further optimized the business environment, and served the development of the enterprise.

The article label 走访服务 多灵环保 企业发展动向
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