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Thanksgiving Teachers Day-CDFS is fortunate to bring three teachers


        Today is the 34th Teacher's Day. Teachers shoulder the mission of teaching, selfless dedication, preaching, teaching, and dissolving the promises of practitioners, and using love, knowledge, and wisdom to light up students' hearts.

       One: "Critical" customers, your strict high requirements are deeper expectations of us, let us be more standard, more humane, and better.

       Two: "Active" competitors, CDFS's breakthroughs many times are due to the existence of competitors. With competitors, we will constantly spur ourselves and dare not neglect.

       Three: Colleagues with "More Opinions", in order to better fulfill customer requirements, I will keep your opinions in mind; you and my colleagues will not forget the original intention, in the rush, consistent pace, and persistent forward.

       In this nationally grateful holiday, CDFS would like to thank these teachers for their quiet and selfless dedication, and wish you a happy holiday, a happy life forever, all the best, and good health!

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