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The end of the filter wash technology project


       It took two years and was sponsored by the Science and Technology Bureau of Yuhua District, Changsha City, Hunan Province. The intelligent self-cleaning filter technology project developed by Professor Li Deliang of Central South Forestry University of Science and Technology and several engineers in Changsha CDFS was on April 17, 2013. Official completion after the completion of the provincial science and technology bureau's acceptance reply. The intelligent self-cleaning filter has a good degree of industrial demonstration and industrial relevance, which can significantly improve China's water reuse process technology and its industrial wastewater treatment equipment technology. Municipalities and other industries play an important role.

      Scientific and technological innovation has always been the support of the continuous development of the nation, and of course, it has also become the core symbol of Changsha CDFS. This intelligent self-cleaning filter represents a major breakthrough in product technology innovation of Changsha CDFS. At this point, we will definitely work harder to innovate and become an indispensable booster for the water treatment industry!

The article label Filter multi-spirit filter self-cleaning filter technology project
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