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How to install the horizontal self cleaning filter


Installation notice

1. It is suggested that the shut-off valves are installed before and after the filter for easy repairing ,and bypass pipe also do. Adequate maintenance space should be provided on both sides of the filter.

2. Please confirm the water inlet and outlet.( There are markings on the shell of filter)  

3. Please confirm the connection of each parts if tight.

4. Please deal with these if the control lines are stretched or squeezed.

5. Please check the drainage pipe:

    A. Drainage pipe diamete r≥63㎜ Drainage pipe length≤5m

    B. The drain out should be horizontal.

6.Termination of the solenoid valve drainage pipeline is also in direct contact with the atmosphere,through the pressure inside the pipeline is prohibited.

7. It is better to do waterproof measures for the controller and electron parts. 

8. After the confirmation of above, if the filter outlet valve is installed, please open it and then slowly open the valve of water inlet to confirmed that there is no leakage phenomenon, and then turn on the power.

9. Check and record the pressure of water inlet and outlet.

10. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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