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CDFS Environmental Protection Encounters a Rush of "Grabbing"CDFS


       Coinciding with the peak production and sales season of CDFS Filter, an underground pipeline dredging and cleaning vehicle manufacturer in Hunan, in order to meet the deadline, personally stayed in the factory and waited for a self-cleaning filter to be assembled and adjusted, and then directly pulled it into the packaging without hitting it Production workshop. Coincidentally, the multi-spiral lamination filter has also been guarded by a neighboring company for a day, and it is safe to leave after learning the installation technology and completing the delivery! Beginning in the second half of the year, Doring Filtration has fallen into a tense and busy production cycle, with a steady stream of project orders, so that every Doring person is motivated.

       The upsurge of customer rushes this time shows that on the one hand, the multi-spirit filtration system is more and more recognized and trusted by everyone, and on the other hand, it also gives us a warning: how to improve production management to better meet the diverse needs of customers?


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